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Sessions leaders/
S0Dr. Gunnar Stefansson
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09:00-10:00S1ADr. Henrik Pålsson
Sustainability 1
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27Markus Pöllänen, Timo Liljamo, Erika Kallionpää and Heikki LiimatainenAttitudes of Finnish road haulage companies towards environmental goals and measures
33Florian Hofbauer and Lisa-Maria PutzExternal costs of inland waterway transport
71Oskari Rintala, Sini Laari, Tomi Solakivi and Juuso TöyliA Value-based view of environmental behavior and financial performance
16Robin von Haartman and Amer JazairyAnalysing the trade-off between lower emissions and cost efficiency in logistics:  Results from a Swedish large-scale survey
09:00-10:00S1BDr. Gyöngyi Kovács
Humanitarian 1
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5Mohammad Moshtari, Nezih Altay, Paulo Gonçalves and Jussi HeikkiläProcurement in humanitarian organizations
30Diego Vega, Christine Roussat and Gyöngyi KovácsLogistics service providers in humanitarian relief – New kids on the block
58Virva TuomalaUrban food security and distribution networks in poor neighbourhoods of Bankok
103Qifeng Yan, Minchul Sohn and Gyöngyi KovácsLead Time in Humanitarian Logistics Preparedness Decisions Based on Climate Forecasts
2Paul Larson, David Grant and Ruth BanomyongHuman Migration and Social Innovation: Perspectives across Several Nations
10:00-11:00S2ADr. Heidi C. Dreyer
Third party services
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15Ebba ErikssonOnline fulfilment centers in  grocery retail:  An exploration and categorization of challenges
22Christine Roussat, Valentina Carbone and Aurélien RouquetConsumer to consumer supply chains: Lessons from a stylish case
96Raphael PreindlChoice and Customization of Urban Logistics concepts Towards a conceptual framework for structured developments of Urban Logistics Systems
17Benedikte Borgström and Helgi-Valur FridrikssonHow come logistics operators’ ROI are so low  despite warehouse operations are very cost efficient?  A business model reconsideration of logistics facilities
10:00-11:00S2BDr. Jan Stentoft
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5Thomas EkströmThe Delphi Technique – Limitations and possibilities
8Jan Stentoft, Ole Stegmann Mikkelsen and Per Vagn FreytagThe relationship between behavior, process efficiency and performance in Sales & Operations Planning
101Joakim Andersson, Patrik Jonsson and Hafez ShurrabSales and operations execution: An exploratory study on potential effects
50Samu Rautio and Timo TuomiLegal aspects of additive manufacturing in the military logistics
70Hafez Shurrab and Patrik JonssonExploring factors causing and amplifying ‎delivery schedule ‎instability: An OEM ‎perspective from the automotive industry
11:00-12:00Key Note: S3Dr. Martin Christopher
Emeritus Professor of Marketing & Logistics,
Cranfield School of Management,
Cranfield University, U
Key note “Building Resilient Supply Chains in the post-Covid19 World”

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13:00-14:00S4ADr. Jan Stentoft
Supply Chain Management
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46Xiaobei Wang and Kulanart KongruthaichaiThe impacts of the belt and road initative on international reverse logistics
85Nathalie Silva and Henrik PålssonStrategies for Industrial Packaging Selection: a Systematic Literature Review
78Hafdís Jónsdóttir, Kristina Liljestrand, Jessica Wehner, Joakim Kalantari and Patricia van LoonMeasuring and sharing data on KPIs for transport efficiency: An interview study of shippers and transport providers
128Marisol Rico Cortez, Elvira Kaneberg Ruiz, Rosa Gonzalez Huerta and Juan Manuel Sandoval PinedaSupply chain management for sustainable packaging and distribution using oxyhydrogen reactors in Mexico
77Janne Huiskonen and Pekka PellikkaSpare parts global distribution network analysis
13:00-14:00S4BDr. Ole S. Mikkelsen
Collaboration 1
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86Pasi Rintamaa, Jussi Heikkilä and Aki JääskeläinenBuying new digital service solutions – A customer perspective to co-creation
109Stanley Fawcett, Amydee Fawcett, Scott Webb, Sebastian Brockhaus and Michael KnemeyerRelational evolution: Commitment as a super-ordinate enabler of value creation
68Aki Jääskeläinen, Katrina Lintukangas and Jussi HeikkiläAntecedents of Preferred Customer Status in Manufacturing and Service Businesses
111Markus Gershberger, Stanley Fawcett, Melanie Hinterplattner and Amydee FawcettSupply Chain Complexity:  The Uneasy Fact of Life that Is the Key to Customer Satisfaction
14:00-15:00S5ADr. Jan Stentoft
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7Ala Pazirandeh Arvidsson and Lisa MelanderBuying new digital service solutions – A customer perspective to co-creation
60Tuomas Kiiski, Sini Laari and Harri LorentzDecade of purchasing and supply management in Finnish annual reports: Topic modelling of top management attention
79Logan Vallandingham, Luitzen De Boer and Heidi DreyerCare pathways and hospital material logistics: Exploring the connection, opportunities and challenges
104Panagiota Tsaxiri and Helene LidestamThe meaning of policy documents in bus transport services
14:00-15:00S5BDr. Henrik Pålsson
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10Mikael Kervall and Henrik PålssonBarriers to fossil-free urban goods transport systems – An explorative study of a Nordic city
14Vendela Santén, Sara Rogerson, Jon Williamsson and Johan WoxeniusThe modal shift process – Ways to achieve an increased use of inland waterway transport
44Majid Eskafi, Ali Dastgheib, Poonam Taneja, Gudmundur F. Ulfarsson, Gunnar StefanssonFlexibility in port logistics by adaptive port planning, a case study of the Ports of Isafjordur Network in Iceland
62Ayman Nagi, Meike Schroeder and Wolfgang KerstenA Community Detection of Stakeholders in Risk Management at the Port of Hamburg
57Erika Kallionpää, Timo Liljamo, Markus Pöllänen, Jukka Pellinen and Heikki LiimatainenDeveloping sustainable city logistics by implementing electric freight trucks
Educators Session 
Ola Hultkrantz, Lic. Eng. 
Head of Programme MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management and Lecturer, Technology Management and Economics,
Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden
“Education during pandemic times – how did the Universities respond?” 

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16:00-17:00 AllZoom After work – Round-up with the NOFOMA society
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DAY 2Sessions/papers Sessions leaders/Authors:Topics/Title:
09:00-10:00S7ADr. Heidi C. Dreyer
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39Stefan Selensky and Erik HofmannTechnology selection in supply chain management – Influencing factors and success practices
65Christian S. Mjøsund and Inger Beate HoviUsing GPS data to map freight vehicle movements in urban areas: logging in-vehicle data from 1600 Norwegian vehicles
74Mathias MathauerAttentional drivers of technology search  – Examining the search behavior of large and small logistics service providers
130Nils Meyer-Larsen and Patrick SpechtFostering the integration of Inland Waterway Transport in intermodal logistics chains
09:00-10:00S7BDr. Gyöngyi Kovács
Collaboration 2
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11Linnea HaagDynamic supply chain capabilities supporting collaboration between retailers and logistics service providers
28Niklas Simm and Maria BjörklundInteraction for successful Implementation of Climate Smart Freight Technology
113Stefan Karlsson, Daniel Hellström, Pejvak Oghazi and Klas HjortAlignment in return management integration process, policy and business intent
10:00-11:00S8ADr. Heidi C. Dreyer
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6Mikael Öhman, Ala Pazirandeh Arvidsson, Patrik Jonsson and Riikka KaipiaDeveloping the analytics in purchasing and supply management
99Emmelie Gustafsson, Patrik Jonsson and Jan HolmströmRetail supply chain effects of digital product fitting on product returns
34Anders Henrik Ringsberg and Gunnar StefanssonInteroperability challenges in tracability of pharmaceuticals
11:00-12:00S9ADr. Henrik Pålsson
Sustainability 2
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118Bente Flygansvær, Asta Gjetø Samuelsen and Rebecka Våge StøyleThe power of nudging: How reverse logistics can contribute to improve recycling rates
49Anna Zhuravleva and Anna AminoffAn emerging partnership betwqeen non-profit organizations and companies in reverse supply chains: Enabling the valorisation of post-use textile
120Sayed Mohammad Ayati, Jonas Nygaard, Jesper Hemdrup Kristensen and Brian Vejrum WæhrensA decision model for re-engaging End-of-Life products into the forward supply chain
18Gabriella Gatenholm, Árni Halldórsson and Jenny BäckstrandEnhanced circularity in aftermarket supply chains: Requirements and tradeoffs on logistics services
12:00-12:15S10Gunnar Stefansson
Closing of NOFOMA 2020
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